Plug & play whistleblower system directly in Ziik

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Ziik’s solution for the whistleblower act

Ziik has partnered with WhistleSystem on a solution to handle reports of serious misconduct or offenses as well as subsequent dialogue with the whistleblower to comply with the whistleblower law.

This is possible with a direct integration in Ziik.

WhistleSystem helps you with all the material you may need, e.g., a presentation for the board or management team, your customized whistleblower policy, an A4 flyer with QR code, and a customized intro video for employees.

Legal requirement for companies with more than 50 employees

All companies with 50 or more employees must have established a whistleblower system for the company’s employees before 17/12/2023. All types of employees must be counted, regardless of the duration of employment. The employee limit is based on the average number og employees over the past year.

ZZiik’s agreement gives you a further reduced price if you are below the legal threshold, but still want a whistleblower solution.

Plug & play whistleblower system

Order WhistleSystem with the Ziik offer below.

As an additional supplement, you have WhistleSystem free until 17/12/2023 when you pay for the first year’s subscription. 

After the form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation, an implementation guide, and be offered an implementation meeting. 

The subscription can be terminated for the following period at any time during the current period.

You can also start by booking an implementation meeting and see how simple the system can be implemented. 

Discount and free period

Ziik’s agreement means very attractive prices:

100% off setup and 36% off license

(Regular price: setup 200 EUR + license 804 EUR))

Included: All necessary material, implementation meeting, communication material such as mail template, A4 flyer with QR code and intro video for employees.

As an additional supplement, you have WhistleSystem free until 17/12/2023 when you pay for the first year’s subscription.

Prices apply to up to 250 employees.

Yearly subscription with
above 50 employees

License: 514 EUR. ex. VAT

Setup: 0 EUR. ex. VAT 

Yearly subscription with
below 50 employees

License: 375 EUR. ex. VAT

Setup: 0 EUR. ex. VAT


Order with the Ziik Agreement

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